What the heck is this website? #

Hi! My name is Massimo, I’m Italian and I recently started writing some short stories, mostly based on folklore. While doing researches for those, I started flicking through some texts about myths, folklore, and curiosities – always as a hobby. They were quite easy readings as Folklore and Legends from Britain or collections of short stories about fairies. After a while, I came across The Golden Bough. It took me a few months to finish it, but it caught me much more than I would have thought! Since then, I decided to take notes of my readings about this topic.

I don’t consider myself a scholar at all, but a hobbyst with a great curiosity and the tendency to make connections. This website is a collection of some interesting logical associations, oddities, small discoveries, and some other stuff that I think would arouse interest in any mildly inquisitive person.

Also, since I am a nerd, this website is part of the 512KB Club.

Did you design that awesome logo? #

No, I just used a free template by Hyperpixain’t nobody got time for that!

Is the gossip pun intended? #

Yes. 😔